New Race/Class Concept Art

Some new concept art has been revealed in an uploaded magazine scan.

From left to right we have male Newman Hunter (HUnewm), male Newman Force (FOnewm), female Newman Force (FOnewearl), female CAST Force (FOcaseal) and male CAST Force (FOcast). The classes that were present in PSO are very clearly based on their old selves.

Looks like Caseals, or female CASTS, will get the choice of fleshy faces at least. Male casts are completely mecha in all screens and videos featuring them, so far. Personally I really like the look of them. Not a fan of the male Newman Hunter there (cool suit, but he looks like a GIRL) but who cares about male Newmans anyway. If you do, you shouldn’t.

Their designs are a bit busy, perhaps, but I’m glad that they didn’t continue in the direction that the artwork the PSU franchise went in, which seemed to get increasingly moe as time went by.

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