New Screenshots and FOnewearl Art

A few new screen-shots have been released on PSO2’s official site.

Ye see a FLASK

The “Photon Sensitive Effect” (PSE) pictured here is a temporary boost you can trigger. I’ll go into more detail about those in a separate post.

What we also see here for the first time is item drops. Unsurprisingly they’ve stuck with the style of the older games, but the actual graphics are now quite different. Well except for meseta. In particular, note the weapon drop graphic. I wonder if that will end up being the general weapon drop icon or if it only represents swords, or perhaps just that particular sword. Won’t know until more drops are seen in screenshots or they say, I guess.
A disc can be seen on the floor, which I presume is a photon art disc, so it certainly seems that drops will have a wider variety of graphics this time around. There also seems to be a hot drink flask.

Another thing that’s nice to see is the Caseal class choice section of the character creator, which was the only race/gender combo they managed to skip in the media briefing (well male Newmans were on screen for only a fraction of a second, but no one cares about male Newmans).

A new piece of concept art for FOnewearls has been released as well. Yeah you saw this one previously in the magazine scan but here she is in her complete, er, glory.

I can’t say I’m a fan of this, but then I never really liked FOnewearls much. Also note how they designed the underwear despite the outfit not showing them at all. You can find this on the PSO2 facebook page.

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