Photon Sensitive Effect

Your first thought when hearing this, if you’re a PSO player, might be that this could be PSO2’s photon blast or something. It was my first thought anyway.

Well. It isn’t.

The “Photon Sensitive Effect” is something that can be randomly triggered by killing enemies. It can boost various things, like your attack power, item drop rates and enemy spawn rates. You can actually boost this even further if you, randomly, acquire an “evolved drop” from an enemy during a boost. If this happens multiple times, you can trigger a “PSE Burst” which just boosts things even more and lasts for 1 minute. You can extend this timer by killing enemies during the burst.

It’s all random, so theres no way you can really influence the occurence of a PSE burst from the sound of things. At the very least the more skillful players will be able to keep a burst going for longer so this could be a neat way to reward skill over luck, however it is still luck gets you there in the first place.

So far we haven’t seen a video of this feature in action, only a couple of screenshots.

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