HUnewearl and FOcast Concept Art

Two new pieces of concept art have been released on the PSO2 Facebook page, to thank everyone for the 1000 likes milestone. Awww, you’re welcome.

Get used to seeing this when PSO2 becomes open. Female Newmans are almost certainly going to be the most popular race/gender combo, again.

The HUnewearl, looking even more naked than ever! Not sure what’s up with the yellow dress pictured there, but I suspect that’s an alternative look you can do with this outfit. This is definitely a look that suits the HUnewearl, though I might opt for a version with a butt bit more modesty.

The FOcast. Yup. He is quite purple, isn’t he. I really can’t recall all that many mecha-wizards in other things, in fact I cant think of any! Never been much of a fan of the mecha look, in particular I’m not sold on the crazy shoulder-pads (that CAST players seem to love in PSU) but I’m wondering if the image is implying they’re removable? Could just be there to show what it looks like on the other side for the 3D artists of course.

I anticipate we’ll see more of this kind of stuff with 1500 and 2000 (call me cynical but I doubt it’ll go much further than that. By all means, proove me wrong and go like the page if you haven’t!).

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