Bonkohara made a post on the PSO2 Facebook page. Quoting it here in its entirety.

絵柄はIphoneと同じデザインです。もしよかったら使ってく​ださいね:D ♥

Hello everyone,
Some funs (her typo, not mine!) asked us to how to get android’s wallpaper (960pxx854px) by facebook’s wall. So We made it for you last night hehe :)
This is same image as iphone’ wallpaper.
Please use it for your phone :D ♥
Thanks to post a lot of nice message for us always :)

The above mentioned wallpaper.

Nice to see another post in English. Given that the page is now flooded with English posts (with most leaving me ashamed to be a part of this fanbase..), I guess it was inevitable. They’re up to 1910 fans as of writing this post, so maybe we’ll get something special from the 2000th, who knows.

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