Keybound Technics?

Not the highest quality image, I know. It’s a capture from a video. In this picture, a male human Hunter (yes MALE human) is casting Ryuker without a Force weapon, demonstrating that, perhaps, you can cast Techs from your palette (and that non-Force characters may get access to certain Techs).
Admittedly I do miss being able to hotkey things when I played PSU after a brief foray into PSO:BB, so it’s a welcome return. I wonder if abilities like Resta will, in the future, require you to have Force as your subclass. Subclasses aren’t available in these alpha tests, so it could be that such a restriction doesn’t exist for now. Guess we’ll have further hints when the beta tests begin.

Update: Further research suggests that, during the alpha at least, Hunters and Rangers could not use any techs. So pretty certain that what he was using in the video was in fact a “Telepipe”, which was an item that players used in PSO to plant down a temporary warp back to the mission lobby.

Another Update: Saw a screenshot that has a Tech bound to the sub-palette, reposting here:

So yes, Techs can be “keybound”, so to speak. At least by Forces anyway.

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