Initiating Code “ARREST”

Today has seen a number of videos from today’s test being posted about. Despite there being a new area and boss, however, they’ve all been shot in the forest area so far. A disproportionate number of the videos have also been female humans or newmans. I’m not surprised there aren’t any male newman videos given that no one cares about male newmans, but I am surprised there hasn’t been at least one video with a female cast.

One new thing to come about however is a new interrupt event. So far all we’ve seen is “ATTACK”, today “ARREST” was introduced. Going by the videos, it seems you need to arrest the specified enemies before they get away from you. During the event, the marked enemies will run away rather than attack.


Course, by “arrest” they really mean beat the shit out of them ’til they submit, so not much different to the real world really. Going by the video I captured these images from, it seems you don’t actually need to ‘arrest’ all of the marked enemies, just enough of them to satisfy this brown-haired girl who’s been appearing in all the interrupt events I’ve seen in these videos.

This girl. Her name is FRICKIT. I don't know really. Resolution is too low and my katakana skills too noob to tell for sure

Well, hopefully, as the day goes by we’ll actually see the new area and boss in action. Would also like to get a good look at a CAST gameplay video, as I’m curious about their jet-boots and role they play in their movement.

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