Official Videos

 According to a tweet by Bonkohara we may be getting official videos of the alpha tests released soon. So I’ll be able to actually post videos here which are guaranteed to stick around, which is nice!

Here is the tweet in question:


And yes, that is a singing Rappy. More specifically I believe it is a singing “Rapico“, which was some kind of promotional mascot for the Phantasy Star Portable games.

As of writing this post, there are now only 2 hours remaining for the current alpha test. Still no videos of the Volcano Cave area or of the Vol Dragon, but given some of the fun pics that have been leaked there may be good reasons for this. A screenshot of the Vol-Dragon  has been leaked however.

Yeah, those environment textures are very low-res. A common theme in this game so far, which is odd given that the textures on characters and enemies look fine. Perhaps they’re not the textures that will make it into the final game. No idea what’s up with the random lava pool in the top left of the minimap, however. The Vol Dragon doesn’t seem to be in an arena, either, which again could just turn out to be something unique to the alpha test period.

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