End of August BONK

Bonkohara posted a new English status update on the official PSO2 Facebook page. Reposting it here:

Hello everyone, Sorry for late to write down message by English. and thanks to help to translate message always :D♥

α test is completed successfully in August 27, 11:00PM ! Thanks you so much again your help.

We had a meeting about α test. We discussed about opinions, requests and bug reporting. We have so many things to do!

You could not show any information during α test But now you can write comment on the internet:) But You MUST NOT show the video and images on the Internet. Please note.

Usual stuff. Wondering if I should actually pay heed to these warnings and remove the images from this site that aren’t officially released.. I’ll be sleeping on that.

As well as the post on Facebook, she made a post on twitter once again stating that screen-shots and videos of PSO2 are still banned. It did however state that you are allowed to make illustrations and make comics about PSO2, though I suspect rule 34 has been applied some time ago anyway.

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