The second of a series of three official videos discussing the alpha tests has been uploaded. Reposting here:

The video demonstrates some quest gameplay. Some things to note:

Multiple Interrupt Events
During the video, 2 interrupt events happen at the same time. Namely, “Code Attack” and “Code Arrest”. One did not over-ride the other, both were completed successfully and were rewarded one after the other.

Caseal Gameplay
For a brief moment we actually saw some Caseal gameplay! Is kind of strange how little of the Caseal we’ve seen in leaked videos given how popular they are.

Unit Drops
What appear to be 2 units dropping, going by what I can understand. The screenshots are low quality because I captured them from the above feed.


During the video(about 11:30), the player opens a menu where you can access your chat shortcuts. One of the options is “Auto-Word”, which is a feature that was introduced in Phantasy Star Portable 2. In that game, there were a list of conditions you could set your character to automatically say something to, like for example when taking damage or being close to death. It appears to be set up somewhat differently in PSO2, but I lack the JP reading skills to discern what’s new. There’s fewer fields to put Auto-Words into but that’s likely unique to the alpha client.

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