Rumourmill: Character Stats

Well OK characters do have stats, that’s not the rumour, but what is are the values of the stats themselves. In a thread on PSO-World, user WBmike posted this image which he found on some Chinese blog:

What We Know
Not a whole lot! They weren’t something that was talked about officially nor were any screenshots leaked by alpha testers.

Well, if that chart is accurate then once again CASTs have the highest offensive stats for both Hunter and Ranger. This seems to fly in the face of the official site’s summaries of the races which indicated that humans would be top attackers and CASTs top defenders.
Of course there are two potential flaws with these stats, first is that even if they are genuine they may only remain genuine to the alpha tests. Second is although there are statistical differences it’s not really known how much those differences will even matter, or how much they’ll deviate from each other in the higher levels (I’m assuming these stats refer to the first few levels). Of course, one last thing is this time CASTs don’t have their “I win” buttons that were SUVs in Phantasy Star Universe.
I’ll end this post by saying that stat differences between the races to make the differences go beyond skin deep seem cool, but if handled poorly all it does is punish players for picking the wrong race/class combo. If playing a CAST Force gimps you severely, then why even let people play one? Same with Newman Hunters, or potentially Human anything. Of course, stat differences alone don’t contribute to this, the actual usefulness of each stat is also really important for balance and could even negate the stat differences entirely if done right.

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