First TGS Stream

The first PSO2 TGS stream has just ended. Sakai’s voice is sounding a little worn out, poor chap.

One bit of news to come from this presentation is that the developers have now decided against having defense stats on outfits! This is much more in keeping with tradition with the series and good news for anyone who was worried about being unable to wear what they wanted due to stats.

There were also a few new outfits on the character creation screen, of note were FOnewearl. I captured a couple of screens from the feed, one of which is some new maid-like armor thing and the other is the aforementioned FOnewearl:

Another thing that was shown was a brand new mission area, which appears to be an abandoned city stage:

This was screen-shotted during a brand new cgi trailer for PSO2. Here is an upload captured from the live stream by PSO-World user Vashyron.

Additional Information

For anyone who can read Japanese, I captured some graphs and slides from the presentation. Unfortunatly, given the quality you’d expect from print-screening text from a video stream, some of it isn’t legible. Regardless, here they are:

I believe this is something to do with the number of players connected at various points during the alpha tests
These are the results of a player poll, asking them to rate various features of the game. They seem to like the music!

And here are all the slides, I’m afraid I can’t read a word of them. If you can, I hope they’re informative!.

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