Hey! You! Do You Like Charts?

Cause if you do, you’ll love this page: http://pso2.jp/game/ There are charts as far as the eye can see! Charts of many kinds! Bar charts, pie charts, charts for all people! There are charts on this page is what I’m getting at.

Couple of things I happen to be able to understand are that female humans are the most popular race/gender combo at 29% and 71% of the characters created in the alpha tests were female. Somewhat surprised that female Newmans were less popular given what happened with PSU, but the fact that most people created girls of some kind was expected. You know what else isn’t a suprise? The least created race/gender combo? Know what it is? You know it’s coming. Yes, that’s right. Male Newmans, at a flaccid 4.8%. Told you, no one cares about male newmans.

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