New Page on the PSO2 Site

Well it’s been a little bit quiet on the PSO2 news front for some while, with practically nothing between the graphs and now. As the title suggests, a new page (a fair translation of which can be found on the ever reliable bumped) was added to the PSO2 official site, but it’s just a great big wall of japanese text. Might be interesting if you can read japanese of course. Might be.

The TGS trailer was also uploaded to Youtube. So yeh this video isn’t new, it’s just not “ripped from a stream” quality.

They also put up the October wallpaper. You’ll note that its the same design as the mousepad they gave away at TGS, so if you really liked that mouse pad then you’re in luck! You know, if you wanted it as a wallpaper.

PSO2 Delayed

PSO2 is no longer coming out in 2011, instead they’re aiming for early 2012. Given that we recently learned that PSO2 was considered to be 50% complete, this isn’t too suprising. I’d honestly be suprised if it came out before March 2012, myself. A translation of a statement from Sakai can be found here.

Sega do seem to be putting an awful lot of effort into reassuring everyone that they are in fact listening. Shame this level of care probably won’t be given to their foreign customers.

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