MAGs. No, not the event.

We could definitely use more Max Attack events though. Just haven’t seen those PSO stages enough. Nope.

Anyway yeah Sega have got some kind of blog thing set up for PSO news now. Anyway one of the more interesting things that was posted was concept art of what appears to be a Mag. Those floaty bot things you fed with spare items and then passed to alts so they could blast through beginner content.

Anyway here it is

PSO fans will be very pleased to see these things returning, though how they will be implemented is as of yet unknown.

I’ve already spoken about my position on these little guys, but to re-iterate: I don’t mind them, I just kind of wish it wasn’t mandatory to have one floating about. Although my insistance on having total control of character appearance has actually lessened a bit over time (hey I kind of liked the idea of armor updating the appearance of your outfit in some ways), so I’m not as annoyed by the thought as I was. I also don’t particularly like the idea of returning to a situation where new players could be handed a pre-levelled mag and power their way through content, but that’s easily avoided by making them untradeable.

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