November Calendar DELAYED

OH THE HUMANITY. HOW WILL YOU TELL WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR IT IS NOW!? Planes will fall from the skies! Cats and dogs sleeping together, dreaming about flying planes!

Otherwise not a whole lot has been happening in the world of PSO2. People who read bumped will have read Sakai explaining why it’s called PSO2.

“Sakai explains why it is called Phantasy Star Online 2.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online
Because it’s a completely new game.
Because it’s a fully online game
Because it’s a title that carries on the idea of an Online RPG that’s spread to even more people from those Phantasy Star Online had already captured.

You should view “PSO2″ as not a direct sequel to PSO, but rather the successor to Phantasy Star Online.”

Not just because they’re sweeping Phantasy Star Universe under the rug, then? But that contributed so many good new ideas to the franchise such as… um. Well more revealing clothing! And probably Guardian’s Cash or “Arkz Cash” as it will be. Also, that bit I bolded? Pay attention to that, especially all those people who keep asking if there’s going to be an offline mode.

Also Bonkohara made a facebook post in english!

Good evening, everyone. Here in japan is at around 11:00PM :D I am in my disk and working hard even I am feeling cold:( Producer’s sakai has long meeting today. All PHANTASY STAR staff are doing our best for PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 :) We would like to see our fun’s Smile. ♥ We are sending a new Mail Magazine yesterday.Please check it out ! I am sorry that short English translate. X(

The post delighted her english facebook followers, which appears to be almost all of them. Still no word on western release. And it’s not coming out on the 360, so shut up about that.

Seriously, stop it.

It’s embarrassing.

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