PSO2 Korea! Elsewhere? Not known!

Only a minor post, this, to share my thoughts on a recent bit of news again posted at bumped. You know what bit of text is going to leap out and make western players panic, don’t you? You’ve probably guessed it from the title but here it is anyway:

“The game plans to officially start in Japan in 2012. It’s undecided if the game will open in other areas including Korea.”

Look at Sakai. All smug in his pink shirt. Smugkai.

Somewhat curious it should be worded like this given that they were holding a booth in Korea, showing off a localized version of the game for Koreans. But more relevant toward us filthy foreigners is the thought that that quote means that they may decide against a western release. Well, honestly, that was always a possibility anyway, but even if it isn’t released I’m sure they’ll be open to english players. They don’t seem to mind them on the current Japanese Phantasy Star Universe servers (despite what a minority of japanese players will say) and besides, Bonkohara has been kindly translating posts into english.

Basically, DON’T PANIC. You know, in case you were.

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