Weapon Art

A bunch of concept art for weapons was posted on the official PSO2 blog. Reposting here.

Notice the character art present on the sword picture? It appears to be a male cast with a fleshy appearance to it. This would be the first time anything like that has been seen for male casts in PSO2, which is nice to see for cast fans who didn’t want to play mechas. Nice to see in general, because it did seem a bit weird how female casts had the option to look somewhat human while males didn’t.

2 thoughts on “Weapon Art”

  1. If you take a close look you will see that the character in the sword picture got Newman ears. I have yet to see a cast with that so I assume it is a newman male.

    1. Ahh. See when I looked at them the first time I figured they were antannea or something, but aye I think that is a male Newman. As it is, fleshy faced Casts have been confirmed since anyway. :>

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