Character Customisation

Before, I posted about units affecting your appearance and then afterwards during the beta I mentioned that clothing would come with stats attatched to them (while that linked post is under the rumourmill it was later confirmed as a feature). Well, that feature was officially dropped a while ago. Recently, Sakai posted on the official PSO2 blog stating, among other things, that you can actually turn off units displaying on your character as well. You can find a partly translated version of that page here at Bumped.

Given how much control over your character’s appearance they were set to take away from the player (under the same breath as promoting greater customisability) this is quite the paradigm shift. It’s a welcome one, in my own opinion, but I think almost anyone would agree that it is nice to see them take player feedback on board.

One thing which is a negative is that all outfits for non-casts will be one-piece. That is to say, the mixing and matching you could do with clothing in early Phantasy Star Universe is potentially a thing of the past. If you’ve been keeping up with Phantasy Star Universe it’s pretty much a thing of the past anyway, as all new outfits have been one-piece since the supplemental update. Honestly I’m not too bothered by this, but I know I’ll be annoyed when I see two outfits and think “man if I could take the lower half of that and the upper half of that other one it’d be awesome”.

2nd Alpha

Hey, you! Yeah, you! You want to take part in the 2nd alpha test perhaps maybe? Well you might be in luck! All you have to do is sign up for the sega newsletter and you will be able to enter a prize draw for the 2nd alpha test, much the same way those who bought Phatasy Star Portable 2 Infinity were before. You can find a how-to on the PSU Complaint Corner here. While cool, I can’t help but feel a little annoyed that those who paid to enter are now having to compete for spots in the test with people who could get in for free.

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