December Calendar and New Model Reveals

PSO2 newsletters were sent out, so says a tweet by Bonkohara. With it came the calender for December (what happened to the one for November, did I miss that?) and two screen-shots of new default character models. Reposting them here!


Both of these will be playable in the 2nd Alpha test. One thing I’m suprised about is given how FOnewearl looked in the concept art I assumed she was wearing some kind of shorts. But, nope, that is indeed a skirt she’s wearing. I guess they did need to design her panties aferall (like they needed an excuse).

Oh yeah and the calendar I guess

Dem ships.

Bonkohara also wants to remind you to sign up to the newsletter if you haven’t already. It’s your choice, really. In fact, don’t! The less of you that do, the better chance I have of getting into the 2nd Alpha! Thanks!

4 thoughts on “December Calendar and New Model Reveals”

    1. I don’t think that’s actually been announced. The test itself is scheduled for “early 2012”, whatever that will turn out to mean. I’m sure Bonkohara will tweet about it closer to the date as she did before with the first alpha.

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