MAGs, My Room and the Item Lab.

So some feature information has been posted up on the official site, their blog, as well as shared out to a bunch of news sites. Enough to draw conclusions on them? Of course not, and at this stage I’d hardly expect them to given the 2nd alpha is around the corner.

On the subject of that, it seems the application period for the 2nd Alpha Tests will end on the 17th of January 2012.


So, new features. Well let’s first talk about what’s known about Mags in PSO2. Those who have played PSO will remember Mags, those little followers that would hover over your shoulder, help you out in your time of need and cause all hell to break loose on your enemies if their blast guage had filled up. Also a kind of trash bag you’d shove junk items into. Well we already knew they were on their way back.

A pair of new Mags.

So what new things do we know about Mags? Well you can still use them as a trash can for items as shoving items into their faces (wherever they are) will cause them to grow and eventually evolve into things. They will support the player in some manner. And that’s all that is known about them so far. It’s not a lot, but perhaps enough to ponder that functionally they may be very similar to, if not almost the same as they were in PSO.

My Room

This seems.. familiar

The Arks, like their Guardians counterparts from Phantasy Star Universe, will have their own rooms! The kotatsu in this picture appears to be lifted straight from Phantasy Star Universe but other than that it all looks new enough. Unless that’s the skyline for Parum in the background there but I doubt it somehow. The fact that it’s not a space backdrop is kind of interesting I guess, as I wonder if this means we can move onto the planets? Of course it could just be the Oracle has a simulated atmosphere as well, beats me!
The only other thing to say about the customisable rooms in PSO2 is that this time around a maximum of 12 players can be inside it at once doing.. whatever it is people do in their rooms.
What about partner machinery? Well if your decision on getting PSO2 hinges on having a little girl in your room for you to force feed weapons and make it craft things then I’m afraid you may be disappointed. And also should probably be arrested. While not outright denied so far, there’s been no information on them and I suspect if anything the Mags or some other NPC will take over the function that partner machinery had.

Item Labs

Finally, the last new feature revealed is the “Item Lab”. In it, you can customise and tweak your weapons and armor. So weapon grinding. You can also raise the elemental attributes of a weapon by combining two of the same weapon together, which I’m going to guess will work in a similar fashion as it did in Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity. Although in that game, you needed two matching weapons as well as a fusion ticket, which made things more taxing than they needed to be in my opinion.
You can also take one weapon’s special ability and put it on a different one.
You can find a rundown of the features here at bumped.

I must say I’m somewhat happy that we will be able to have some control over the attributes of our weapons at least. Always seemed incredibly cheap to me how you would end up having to find the same weapon over and over an over (or synth it), which itself was already a low % chance of dropping, to then have it be the correct element and then a high enough % elemental attribute to out do the weapon you already have. That is an awful large number of opportunities for the RNG to screw you!

A Thing!

Get a load of that thing

There’s not a lot to say about this, it’s a new monster (called Kyatadoran as it turns out) and it’s on the volcanic planet Amduscia.

Fansite Kit

Finally, Sega uploaded a fansite kit for you to use to make some kind of site on the internet that likes PSO2 or something. You can get it here.

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