Akihabara Game Festa 2011

Bonkohara posted a tweet linking to PSO2’s PCFesta page on their official site. It’s detailing what will happen during the show and PSO2’s presentation, which will be on the 24th of December. The presentation will be streamed live! Dare I stay up til goodness knows when, fervently waiting for new information just to end up with Sakai demonstrating the boob slider once again?

In case you were worried, CASTs now have morphers on character creation just like their fleshy brothers and sisters in the Arks.

People at the Akihabara Game Festa will be able to play! And by play I mean just create characters which will then be displayed on the official site later on. To those there, however unlikely it is you will ever read this; Make me proud. Make some real freaks.

The times for the presentations will be 14:00 JST and 16:00 JST (5am and 7am GMT on the 24th) and will be streamed live here on Ustream. The Akibahara Game Festival 2011 schedule can be found here.

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