2nd Presentation Gallery

To briefly summarize the 2nd presentation then:

  • Went over the Alpha Test 2nd details again
  • Showed some of the room functions
  • Showed various interface changes
  • Showed weapon grinding, upgrading, etc.
  • Showed character creation, with emphasis on the new CAST morphers
  • Showed the two new trailers again
  • No Santa :(

Well of particular suprise to me was with CAST customisation. It turns out they can actually choose from a wide selection of colours for their skin this time around, even on their morphable faces. Sadly the images I shot of a green faced CAST got lost in GIMP, sorry.. A bigger bit of bad news is that there is still no word at all on an international release.

Now the bulk of this post is going to be an image gallery, which I’m afraid won’t be all that informative to you unless you understand Japanese (and I can’t help you there as I don’t know a single word of it). Even if you do know Japanese, reading some of the text may be difficult, as again it is shots taken from a live stream. I hope some of these images are helpful, if not at least fun enough to look at!

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