First Presentation Summary

Well this will mostly be pictures I captured from the stream, but to summarize as best as I can, the first presentation contained the following:

  • A brief recap on the new features of the 2nd Alpha test, including cast morphing
  • Two brand new trailers. The complete opening movie and a gameplay trailer.
  • The same orchestra from PSO will be doing music for PSO2
  • Maximum class level in the 2nd Alpha Test will be 10.
  • Closed Beta was announced, but no date was given as far as I know.
  • Santa Claus!

I have to say, I enjoyed what I saw. We got to see some genuinely new videos, both of which I really can’t wait for someone to upload to Youtube so I share here. Also, not once did they make a fuss about the boob sliders, though they still have the 2nd presentation in an hour’s time to do that!

And now an image gallery! Take into account these are screenshots from a live video stream, so there will be quality issues with them

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