Post-Akihabara BONK

Bonkohara posted a status update on the official PSO2 Facebook page. What’s more, it’s in English! Reposting here:

Hello, everyone:) I am sorry for update facebook so late. How was you celebrating the Christmas ? Did you have a great time with your family and friends ? :) I was in akihabara on 24th because we had a “PSO2” ‘s event. Rappie was wearing Christmas uniform at the event. I made a hand-knitted mufflerand and gave was 3 meters.The point was white pompon. We introduced PSO2’s opening movie at the event There were also development staff and Producer’s sakai talk show and Rock paper scissors’s game. I thought the event warmed up nicely ! Opening movie sounds magnificent and such feeling as we fly through the air by Orchestral performance. We update this movie and Screencasts by official website today.Please check it out! :D

Once again it’s nice to see her taking the time to post in English and I think it’s one of the few actual signs that either an English release or some form of English support will happen (as well as potentially the language option which was spotted in the first alpha client). Not a certainty by any means, but at least nice to see. Incidentally there still hasn’t been a mention of a release outside of Japan by either side (SOA or SOJ) as of yet.
Also, as Bonkohara says, the PSO2 Official Site has indeed been updated with the opening movie as well as new screenshots.

3 thoughts on “Post-Akihabara BONK”

  1. Currently there is no information on that. While there was an option to change the language in the PSO2 alpha client, the only choice was Japanese.

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