The Vision Phone

Sakai updated the official PSO2 blog today with information, in particular revealing the Vision Phone. It essentially serves the same purpose as the Vision Phone in Phantasy Star Universe did, allowing you to seach for shops and access other players rooms (among other things), however this time the device exists outside of your room as well. It can be accessed at various places in the lobbies, allowing players to search for other players as well as access to “My Shop”. My Shop is as it sounds, it’s your shop! It’s a feature that arrived in Phantasy Star Universe (and was greatly improved upon in the expansion, Ambitions of the Illuminus). Consider it like the auction house feature that other MMOs have, only there are no charges for listing items and it’s not limited to each individual server. I’m liking the sound of being able to access shop features without having to disappear off to my room. What would be nice is if you could also buy the items without having to go to the seller’s room, pretty much anything that makes buying and selling in game items more conveniant is welcome.

The shop filters that are familiar to Phantasy Star Universe players are also present, allowing you to sort the search results by price, rarity as well as other things.

The other feature is “Arks Search”, which will let you perform the various functions you could do with the party menu in PSU (which you could access anywhere), but now also lets you search for players and send friend requests to them. Given that the only way to befriend players in PSU was to arrange to meet them in person this is a welcome sight, but does leave the potential to be bombarded with spam requests. You can also go to your room via the terminal, serving the same purpose as the Universe Cubes did in PSU

The Vision Phone will be available to players in the 2nd Alpha Test.

Characters of Akihabara
Remember when Sakai said that he’d be showcasing the characters people would create at Akihabara? Well he’s selecting them now, so he says. You can see a selection of them in microvision below.
I hope the attendees did me proud. Bring on the freaks!

January 2012 Calendar
As that header may well imply, here is the calendar/wallpaper for January 2012.

Sources: Official PSO2 Blog and Bumped

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