2nd Alpha Test Emails Sent

Emails have been sent to the people selected for the 2nd alpha tests. If you’ve recieved an email with something like 【PSO2】α2テスト参加権当選のお知らせ‏ as the title, then you’re in the test! You’ll be able to log in to the alpha tester’s site with your PSO2 ID here.

Incidentally, it seems that a considerable number of non-Japanese players have managed to be selected for the tests, so either you all were very convincing at pretending to be Japanese or Sega have decided to let foreigners in. Either way a decent outcome.

Congratulations to all those who got in! I didn’t get in, so I hate all of you. You can of course beg for my forgiveness Disregard that, I got in in the 2nd wave of emails (you should check your inboxes again if you were disappointed earlier). Feel free to send me tips or pictures you think are worth sharing here, though if you do please make sure you follow the rules regarding posting images and videos that all testers have to follow. You can find the rules here (visible to successful entrants only).

There are currently no announced date and times for the tests, although apparently we will be finding out this information next week.

Bonkohara Facebook Post

Bonkohara also posted another update in english on the PSO2 Facebook Page. Reposting here as usual.

Hi, everyone. :D♥
I am sorry that I posted last Friday message was only japanese.
If I could not post by English, please forgive me. but I will try my best.
This is a what I wrote last time.

The screenshot is the character who had users made it by Character Create in the akihabara'”PSO2″ ‘s event.
The staff chose it from 500 characters. There were a great variety of variations. Everyone did really awsome job!! We enjoyed the selection of the fun’works.♥

The excellent work which Producer’s sakai selected is a screenshot opened to the official blog already. but I got a comment that people want to check the Producer’s sakai selected screenshot by facebook, so I will put it on the facebook soon :)
You will know what kind of type of character he likes. Don’t miss it!:D

She is of course referring to the character gallery both her and Sakai posted which I shared in my previous post here.

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