So you got into the 2nd Alpha Test, did you? You want to share pictures and video of your time in there to show off help spread the word about the game? Well that’s all fine and dandy, sir or madam, but there are rules you must obey! Thanks to Ricardo of PSUblog for translating them (however this is not his wording of them).


  • All screenshots must contain a copyright notice. This notice is added to your screenshots automatically when you use the in-game screenshot feature. (It should add something like (C) SEGA PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 α2 Test Version at the bottom of your screenshots)
  • When posting images on a website, you must append a note stating that these shots are from “Phantasy Star Online 2 Alpha Test 2” and inform your users that these are shots from an in-development game and thus do not represent the final version. You must also provide a link to the official PSO2 site.
  • You may crop and resize your images and you can remove all names and IDs of yours and any character on the screen (you can turn the displays for these off in your client)
  • You need permission of other users if you want a post a screenshot containing their name and ID.


  • You must add a copyright notice for Sega for 2 seconds at the beginning of your videos
  • You must also add a notice about the game being in-development (the same as you must when posting images on a site)
  • You may not edit your video to replace the music, splice in other video, or alter the playback speed.
  • You may edit your videos to remove character names and IDs (though why you’d want to do that manually rather than turn off the display in game I have no idea. God I hope there’s a way to turn off character names and IDs anyway.)
  • You must get the consent of other users if they are to appear in your video with their name and ID intact (including for livestream sessions).

All in all, looser than in the previous test, so hopefully we should be seeing plenty more videos and screenshots from players this time around. Plus, this time I can post them!

[Source: Bumped]

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