Sakai Talks: 3d Figure Printing!

Shougai PSO posted an extract from a “PSO2 Developer’s Talk” of some kind, which you can find here. This particular extract concerns the production of figures of player characters from PSO2., wether or not it’d be something that would be considered.

Sakai responds that he would really like to have such a service where you could order a figure to be made of your character. He compares it to a service that World of Warcraft supplies where you could choose a pose and weapon for the figure and then pay to have it manufactured. However, he laments that this is an expensive service where the cost could be as high as 30,000 yen for one figure (or about $300 / 250 quid). However, Sakai points out that there are collectors who would have no issue paying that kind of price for such a service, referencing people who pay similar amounts of money for model kits at festivals. How many fans would really pay such a price though, he ponders.

[Many thanks to EspioKaos for the translation]

Now, that’s definitely not cheap, but then “Figure Prints” really are not cheap (you can see a demo of the process on their website here, as well as their pricing scheme if you’re curious). 3D printing is still a relatively new thing and still requires quite a lot of work from human hands to properly polish the results. Plus, with my limited understanding of the process, I’m pretty sure that as PSO2 characters are generally skinnier than WoW characters that Figureprints couldn’t provide exactly the same service as they do for WoW.
However, Sakai is not wrong. There are people who would pay for something like this, hell people already pay 100s of pounds in the cash-shop in Phantasy Star Universe JP.  I have no earthly clue why they spend that much money, of course, but for some reason they do. I’ll be honest, if I had that kind of disposable income I would pay for one. Maybe I’m just far too vain about my characters, though.

[Source: Shougai PSO]

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