Boosted Enemies, Concept Art and Sakai at the PSvita Conference.

So looks like the theme of corruption established in the previous online Phantasy Stars will continue, as PSO2 will have altered versions of the critters that can be randomly encountered during gameplay. These critters, corrupted by the Darkers, will also be known as “boosted enemies”.

Boosted enemies are a concept that began with Phantasy Star Zero (as did a lot of the decent ideas that PSO2 is implementing), where every enemy would have a random chance of spawning with altered stats. With the stat increase, they also had a higher chance of dropping rare items. Boosted monsters were indicated by an aura emanating from the ground around the monster.

Probably shouldn't have fed it past midnight..

This time, the monsters will be uglier than normal. Nearly as ugly as you! They’ll also have a protrusion on their body, which is the core of their infection and is also their weak spot. It also looks tremendously uncomfortable growing out of that poor Udan’s eye there. Better get to stabbing it with your laser weaponry, for its own good of course.

We should be seeing these guys in the closed beta tests.

PSV PSV and Satoshi Sakai.

There’s going to be a conference for the PSVita (Phantasy Vita Game Heaven) and none other than Satoshi Sakai will be attending. The official site for the upcoming event is here.

The event will be taking place March 9th, 2012. 20:00 JST

Will we hear anything about the cheekily named Phantasy Star Victory? PSV, hoho, I see what you did there! It seems a little early to be announcing a portable game set in the PSO2 universe, so I doubt that PSV will be that console game that was previously announced. I’m pretty certain someone in Sega also mentioned that they were done with the Phantasy Star Universe… universe, so I also doubt we’re seeing a successor to the Phantasy Star Portable series either (I really can not remember where I heard this, though). I still can’t get over that name. PSV, Hah! Hopefully we’ll find out a little bit more on the day, however unless it is actually related to PSO2 I won’t be writing about it on this blog.

Concept Art

Just some more pieces of concept art. Not of anything we haven’t seen before in some capacity.


Oh yeah, this blog has also broken the 10,000 view count, hurray! Thanks for all the views and I hope my blog as been helpful to you.

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