Road to Closed Beta – The Dengeki Talk

The live talk at Dengeki’s Niconico channel was broadcast yesterday. Reposting the most relevant section of the talk here, uploaded by Youtube user RemiusTheAwesome.

To summarise the video:


…Right, seriously…

The Arks Lobby

First of all, the new Arks lobby seems to be really big. It looks a lot nicer than the lobby we had for the alpha tests, so yeah I don’t think I’m going to be missing it anytime soon. The colours are vivid, the neons are bright and there are computer screens all over the freaking place.
I also like being able to see ships landing and taking off through the windows, it helps make the place feel more like it’s alive.

The central elevator!

It’s still split up functionally in much the same way as the old lobby, of course. You have the shopping and hangout area on one floor and the mission area on another. The two areas have fairly distinct visual feels to them. You travel between the two floors via a central elevator.


The partisan was demonstrated! She sure was twirling it. What’s the purpose of twirling? To charge the “Gears” gauge, duh! What’s the “Gears” gauge? Turns out it was that meter above the attack buttons on the UI that Hunters could see. Charging it would have various different effects, for example charging up the Gears gauge with a sword would allow you to use a sword’s charge attacks more quickly. Almost instantly with a full bar.

I never could figure out what the benefits to charging Gears for the Wired Lance was, but using a photon art would consume 1/3 of the bar (the gears gauge for Wired lance is split up into 3 segments rather than a whole bar as seen for swords).
Presumably, there will be some benefit to charging the gauge for Partisans, but I haven’t read anything that suggests Sakai or anyone in the video elaborated on that.
Similar to wired-lances, the partisan has a photon art that can grab onto an enemy and throw them about.


Launchers were demonstrated! Nothing much unexpected, you fire projectiles that blow things up. What is new however is you can actually jump onto your launcher and ride it! It carries you some considerable distance as well!

You ever take it off any sweet jumps?


Talis… Talises… Cards were demonstrated! The Talis weapon can be thrown to remotely cast offensive techs. In the video, the tech used to demonstrate this was Gifoie, an as of yet unreleased tech. Gifoie is an area-of-effect tech, so to be able to cast it remotely is going to be a really useful thing for techers to have.

What could prove a more interesting mechanic yet is throwing the Talis in different ways can be beneficial to different techs. While throwing a Talis into a pile of enemies is great for a tech like Gifoie, it’s not very effective for Gizonde, which has a greater area of effect the greater the height it is cast from. For Gizonde, you can just throw the card into the air. You’ll have to forgive me for the quality of these shots are they’re taken from the stream.

First, throw the Talis high into the air above your enemies. You can do this by switching to TPS mode.
Once it's up there, cast Gizonde! The area of effect is pretty wide when cast from that height

Photon Blasts
Photon blasts were demonstrated! As you see in the video, they’re still very short lived bursty-type attacks. In this case, the unicorn like thing will charge in a line through enemies, dealing a lot of damage in its wake.

The photon unicorn charges through your enemies, blinding you in the process

But mags can do more than blasting! They can now support you actively as well. How they support you depends on how you raised them (what items you shoved into their.. um.. whatever they eat with). Striking mags can headbutt your enemies, ranged mags will shoot, tech mags will fire techs. You can also adjust their active behaviours as well as I believe what actions they perform on their own accord or what they perform when triggered (this isn’t necessarily a manual trigger, it could be say when a boss enemy is encountered).

So yes, you can feed your mags. They can be fed unwanted weapons and armor this time, so more like Phantasy Star Zero than PSO.

Other bits

There was no date announced for the beta! That information will be presented during the 2nd Media Briefing (this wasn’t a part of it). Said media briefing should be coming our way towards the end of this month, so be patient! The info is coming!

It’s believed that Sakai briefly mentioned the possibility of a Tekker being in the shopping area off the Arks lobby. If you don’t know what a Tekker is, in PSO it was a NPC you would take unidentified weapons to be identified. Of course, it’s not known at all what purpose they may serve in PSO2, if they even appear.

The FOneweal seems to have some new techs on her bar. Shifta on 7, Deband on 8 (or Agtal and Defbal) and what could be Ryuker on 0. Does the possible presence of Ryuker indicate that non-forces will be able to cast techs? At this point there’s nothing but pure guesswork to go on.

[Sources: Bumped, PSO-World, Remius, PSO2 official site for screenshots]

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