Mag Features Expanded + New Mission Style: Emergency Quests.

Emergency Quests are one the latest features to be announced for Phantasy Star Online 2. They are not to be confused with Interrupt Events, which are mini-objectives that can occur somewhat randomly during regular and free-field quests. They are quests which can occur randomly throughout the day and are only available for a short period of time. Players will get some sort of message before a server-wide announcement of the emergency is broadcast.

This feature will be available during the closed beta tests and will directly concern themselves with the new city area. This city incidentally is on the Arks Ship, not on any particular planet. This makes me wonder that the only reason Arks would be deployed there would be to deal with emergencies, so it’s possible that the only time we’ll get to see this new area is when an emergency quest is available.

Of course, along with this new area we will get to square-off with a new boss as well, a giant spider like thing which goes by the name of Dark Ragne. Like the Vol Dragon, it can randomly spawn during a mission in the city area as well as residing in its arena.

Of course, I do find myself concerned that the boss may be a lv25-30 encounter still, despite players being capped to lv20. I have no idea how much of a difference that could make, given that they did say there was a rebalance of sorts so even my experience in the previous alpha is not a suitable reference. Hopefully it’s not too severe, or else the boss could be simply too frustrating to fight.

Mag Feature Expansion

So turns out Mags will affect character stats in much the same way as they did in PSO. Mags have the same stats as players, so they can be used to support whatever build you happen to be going for,. I wonder if you can swap out mags mid-mission, essentially switching focus mid-battle. For example, say a boss monster is hitting you especially hard, you could switch to a Mag with defensive stats to give you a boost to survivability.

You will have to raise them, still, but this mechanism hasn’t changed any since it was announced. You still feed your Mag items and equipment and the stats will raise or fall depending on what you give it. Presumably the evolutions of your mag will depend on the stats it has at certain level milestones like in PSO, but this hasn’t been expanded upon.

What also hasn’t been said is what the level cap of a Mag will be during the closed beta, so I wonder if the strength of a Mag could overcome the level gap Dark Ragne could present? Disregard that, I can’t read. The cap will be lv99, which is enough for the Mag to reach its second stage of evolution. I still ponder if having a capped Mag will be enough to overcome any potential level gaps, however.

Finally, as in PSO, you can indeed chain photon blasts together. Doing so will boost the overall power of your blasts.

Can’t wait to start raising your Mags, eh? Well hold up there, bucko, you’re gonna need a license first. You can obtain one after receiving a certain client order. That’s all. I presume the function of the client order will be to introduce players to the concept of Mags or else it seems like a rather un-necessary step.

In PSO, you could trade Mags between players. There has been no word on whether or not you can do this in PSO2, but I rather hope not. I have no issue of Mags being account-bound, essentially making alts easier to raise than your first character, however

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