Stop Right There, Criminal Scum

So Japan wishes to make scratch-complete prizes against Japanese law.

What does this mean for PSO2? Well it just means that they’ll have to re-think how they’re going to distribute the Rappy Costume, pretty much. The rest of the lottery-style Arks  Scratch will still be intact, as well as naturally the FUN Gacha (seeing as it’s free).

So no, this is not really a threat to PSO2’s business model. Of course, if laws like this go much further, that could change, although that’s rather dependant on how much they were depending on the Arks Scratch for funding I suppose. Personally I’m not much of a fan of real-money gambling in online games, anyway.

[Source: PSO-World]

3 thoughts on “Stop Right There, Criminal Scum”

  1. Why will the lottery-style Arks Scratch remain intact? Doesn’t that still cost money and have the same distribution method? Could you explain the difference as I’m not too familiar with the Arks lottery nor the Rappy Costume lottery?

    1. The law only concerns itself with the complete-gacha. That is, having to get all of a selection of items you can obtain from the lottery in order to get another item. In the Rappy Costume’s case, you had to win 1 of each of 12 different items from the Arks Scratch.

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