PSO2: In Print.

Well it’s a little past mid-May now and a report on the CBT still hasn’t been posted. At this point I’m wondering if it’ll be released at the same time as the open-beta announcement is scheduled to happen, which is the end of May. The wait continues…

Meanwhile a member of PSO-World, AzureBlaze, shared a small excerpt of this month’s issue of PSM which briefly mentions PSO2. The magazine is of course concerning itself with the PSVita version of the game.

As far as I’m aware, this is the only time PSO2 has been mentioned in an english-language magazine at all (it has been mentioned a number of times on english websites however). This meager chunk of text is also much more attention spent on PSO2 than Sega of America has even done, which has yet to even go beyond barely acknowledging it.

Meanwhile in Japan, where PSO2 has been in all sorts of media fairly extensively, Famitsu is advertising a promotional offer. The image was uploaded to the PSO2 Uploader (JP) by an unknown user.

In short, apparently the next issue of Famitsu will come with a promotional code for a unique partisan, namely “Gaebolg/Nacht”.

[Sources: #egs IRC, PSO-World]

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