CBT Report Delayed. Also DORFS.

Sakai updated the official PSO2 blog today, first apologising for the delay of the CBT report which apparently should have been posted today. He also mentions that they discovered the cause of the communication problems during the closed beta and they want to be sure that these problems are gone for good, so they’re making sure it doesn’t happen during the OBT.

Regarding the Open Beta there is still no date but this post wasn’t ever meant to announce that anyway. The announcement for the OBT is scheduled to happen at the end of this month, or around Eurovision time. I’m guessing that’s also when we’ll see the report.

Lilipa Details

The post then talks mostly about the planet Lilipa.

Sakai explains that an ancient civilisation that once inhabited the planet created gigantic structures on it, which gives the planet its spiky appearance.

Other bits of information regarding Lilipa:

  • Mech enemies were created by the same ancient civilisation that made the buildings. Their purpose is to defend the planet against all invaders. Given that the players are aliens to this world, you’re also counted as invaders.
  • Mech enemies will turn up in Interrupt Events, suggesting that the main enemies encountered on the planet will be Darkers.
  • Gilnas are like Dubchics from PSO. Break them up and they’ll keep on fighting while in pieces, until you destroy the core.
  • Sandstorms!
  • El Ahda, the new Darker players encountered in the Urban area in the CBT, is a common enemy on Lilipa.
El Ahda,  the large Darker in this picture, as seen in the Urban area in the CBT

Dem Dorfs Man

The “Dwarves” found through datamining are in fact the small animal-like inhabitants of Lilipa, so far only referred to as the “Lilipa Tribe”. You may have already had a replica of one sitting around in your room if you participated in the CBT.
The Arks are still investigating these little Ewok-y rabbity type things. Sakai appears to want them to become a mascot. Indeed.

The post also shared some concept artwork of the little guys.

I will end this post by saying that I’m glad they’re at least going in a direction that the series hasn’t travelled before. I hope they keep it up, as it will be healthier for the series if they keep looking for new things to try (and not do a PSU where they seemingly ended up completely stuck in the past). Saying that, I do expect we may see a call-back mission or two down the line, like PSU’s Maximum Attack Gurhal event.

Given how the Arks seem to be encountering sentient life on other planets, I wonder if this is how future playable races will be introduced. No, you will not be able to play as a lizardman or a rabbit.

[Soruces: PSBlog, Bumped]

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