OBT Release Date Leaked

Spotted by Manta Oyamada of PSO2UP who found it originally on Shougai, which was then posted on Bumped. Mouthful, but credit’s due where it’s due.

The advert that was included in the leak. It was taken down on Dengeki, but it still on display on this website.

So a potential date of the 21st of June for the Open Beta. I do mean potential, as nothing is confirmed (and the pre-OBT could delay it even  if it were accurate) but it’s at least something to go on. This would put it comfortably in the time period of “soon after pre-OBT” as orignally said, of course.

So where does this leave us with regard the overall release? Remember that it was said that the game would be officially released soon after OBT ends. We don’t really know how long OBT is going to last, but let us suppose that it lasts a week like the CBT did. Let’s also suppose that “soon” means a week. Sega also seems to like doing things on Thursdays for some reason, so this leads me to a ballpark guess of the 5th of July for a release. Could be earlier, could of course be later, but at the very least it seems certain that it will be in the month of July. Doubt it’ll be earlier than the 28th of June. I guess that sort of qualifies as “early summer”..

I am quite ready to have this game be released. I hope they’re ready to release it soon.

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