More Cash Shop Prices

Just a small extra post as there were some cash shop prices spotted on the new PSO2 player site by Shougai.

Image originally posted on Shougai PSO.

Among this selection are Scape Dolls, a self-resurrection item, for 150AC each (or £1.23 GBP, $1.89 USD). You can also buy 3 for 400AC or 5 for 600 AC. Death could get expensive, but thankfully you won’t need scape dolls anyway. Be aware that boss fights in arenas are counted as a failure if you die, even if you have Scape Dolls (if you’re soloing, anyway).You will take a hit to your mission ranking if you don’t use one, but it really doesn’t matter that much.

At the top there is a Mag Reset Device, at the princely sum of 500AC. If you’re OCD about your mags you better be careful. You can also buy new mags for Arks Cash (price not announced, yet), but if I recall correctly you can obtain new Mags for free, somehow. You’ll have to forgive me as I forget the details. If I remember I’ll change this bit.

At the bottom are EXP boosters for 500AC for 3. On use, it provides a 100% boost to exp for 30 minutes of time in a mission (and only when you’re in the field). £4.10 GBP, or $6.31 USD for 1 and half hours of 100% exp. At that price, I would only use the item in the urban area when it pops up as an Emergency Quest.

You can also buy a Scape Doll on death, as seen in this screenshot. Any player with that amount of AC in their account probably needs to re-evaluate their life.

PSO2’s cash shop is shaping up to be expensive overall. You can find more prices in this post here. There are a number of prices that are as of yet, unknown, plus there is a small possibility that these prices could change in the future.

[Source: Shougai, PSO2 Player Site]

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