OBT Date Announced

And so another test has come to an end. With this ending however, there is a new beginning. A genuine new one. Don’t worry I’m not about to post some classic Phantasy Star screenshots while going all cryptic on you. I’m not that cruel.

During the 2nd pre-OBT session a GM message scrolled across the top of the screen, announcing the date and time that the Open Beta would begin.

The Open Beta is scheduled to start on the 21st of June, at 16:00 JST.

In other time-zones:

  • 3:00 EST, 21st June
  • 2:00 CST, 21st June
  • 0:00 PST, 21st June
  • 8:00 BST, 21st June (United Kingdom)
  • 21:00 HADT, 20th June

There has been no stated duration of the test just yet.

It was also confirmed that although the data from the pre-OBT will be wiped, the data from the OBT itself will carry through to release.

This time, the importer community decided to end the test with an impromptu jumping party.

So turned out that leaked date was accurate after all. It was still likely a date they scheduled under the assumption that things would go smoothly, which then accidentally got posted. As it happened, things did indeed go smoothly according to Sega. The maximum number of simultaneous connections peaked at 41,500, which is by far the highest number yet. I personally experienced no connection issues whatsoever (not even a random lag spike), so it really does seem like the servers are now officially ready to host for the player base, come release.

Do not uninstall your clients! The pre-OBT client will patch through to OBT. I’m pretty certain that it is in fact the release client, as well.

Closing Thoughts

It was nice to see that there were some minor improvements made since the closed beta. For one thing, you no longer need to do Matter Board quests to start doing Client Orders, removing what was an arbitrary barrier to progression. Obtaining your first Mag is now a lot less painful than it used to be, requiring items from a monster that seems pretty eager to drop them.

For better or worse, they altered a rather infamous cut scene in the first story mission. Your avatar no longer gives Alfin that look. It’s just not the same…

There are other small things as well, such as NPCs contacting you or you being informed some other way that they have Client Orders for you to do, if you want. Matter board quest completion no longer requires you to enter the lobby for them to be completed, it’ll happen as soon as you board the camp ship.

This is Theodore. You may have met him during the pre-OBT. You may have met him many, many times in fact. He would appear a lot if you hadn’t met the requirements to encounter other NPCs. Sega are aware of this issue.

There are a few things they need to fix still, for example some odd infinite spawn bugs as well as a problem where the Gilnas cores wouldn’t spawn in their interrupt events. Certain flaws with the new Desert map seem to indicate that it isn’t quite finished yet, which is a little concerning given that they’re planning on effectively releasing it in a week.

In any case, personally speaking,  I’m ready for it. From a purely selfish point of view, I just want to play this thing now, even though in the back of my mind I do worry about this sneaking feeling of incompleteness the game has about it…

4 thoughts on “OBT Date Announced”

  1. I have to personally say that just from the closed beta gameplay it surpassed PSO and PSU in my book,
    no more grinding skill/technic levels as they went back to discs,
    no more having to rush to get one hit on an enemy to get exp, you just get exp now, makes party leveling a LOT more effective.
    The NPCs aren’t as retarded anymore! plus being able to bring your friend as an npc while they’re offline… AWESOME.
    not to mention the graphics are %^&*ing awesome.

  2. I played in the Pre-OBT and just..yeah. It blew my fucking socks off. I really hope that English patch comes out soon after the OB starts, if it does at all. Or maybe it’ll come out in the US the same time as Japan..unlikely though..

  3. i would have to agree, they have really out done themselves this time around. pso ep 1 and 2 was my first multiplayer rpg i had ever played for the gamecube. i bought it when iw as 16 i saw it in a game store and saw it was 4 player co op offline and me and my friends had played it for wuite a while. i still remember when i first got the modem for the gamecube and logging in to play nline for the first time. only thing i hated about pso on the gamecube was the fsod/character corrupt glitch they never tried to fix or replace any lost characters…. i had gotten characters to over level 150 probably about 7 times then the 8th time i had finally gotten my fomar to level 200 and my racast to 160 then i corrupted again. one of my friends said he knew a hacker that could get me back to 200 in a few minutes but i said what was the point of it if i played that hard to be legit and have to resort to that so i quit. im really looking forward to this as i also played psp2 and it was fun but didnt have the same feel as the original pso so i really played it only occasionally. but this game the first time i logged in to pso2 i felt the same feeling as when i logged into pso ep 1 and 2 for the first time and it was amazing. not only did they take out the only complaints i had from psp2 (dodge and block costing pp as well as ranger regular attacks costing pp) they drastically improved everything else as well. well there is only one thing i do not like about pso2 wich will make my main character an racast like in psp2 and that is that there is no pp recovery item for forces. i can understand not wanting everyone to use nothing but thier photon arts all the time, but i think there should be a force exclusive item to recover pp, maybe like carry only 5 of them for at least emergencies or bosses. cause face it it may be my expiriences from pso but i truly think that a force should never run in to attack. but as for that this game is flawless in my opinion aside the fact that it sometiems crashes in multi party areas but i finally figured out how to manually update my card drivers manually (seeing how windows always told me they were up to date when i was clearly staring at a site saying my drivers were 2 years old lol) wich is wierd cause my computer is only a year old. so hopefully that will fix the problem. and who knows maybe i was wrong about the forces if there are decent ways of regen pp then i may turn out to make a fomar as my main character as i played with forces in the preobt and the forces abilities look amazingly similar to pso but with vast improvements :D i cant wait to see you guys in game we have only about 2 days to go :D well to be exact 2 days 1 hour and 21 minutes lmao

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