Lead Up To The Open Beta

The open beta begins tomorrow! Ahh, it’s gonna be a long night tonight…

Surprisingly there still isn’t a new patch out. If there is going to be one, they’re leaving it awful late. Update: There is now a patch, it’s quite a small one at that. Open your launcher and click the 3rd button to perform a file check. This will get the download started.

Skill Tree Simulator

A great new tool has been created by PSO-World member Gardios, also known as RyuHiroshi on his website. It’s a skill tree simulator, which allows you to plan out your builds. If you’ve used talent calculators for other MMOs you’ll know roughly what to expect. You can find it here, although be wary about adverts (closing them will open a popup). Skill descriptions do not work in Firefox.


Reposting the schedule from the previous post:

The Open Beta is scheduled to start on the 21st of June, at 16:00 JST.

In other time-zones:

  • 3:00 EST, 21st June
  • 2:00 CST, 21st June
  • 0:00 PST, 21st June
  • 8:00 BST, 21st June (United Kingdom)
  • 21:00 HADT, 20th June

There has been no stated duration of the test just yet.

Importer Ship

Reminder that the main importer ship will be:

  • Ship 02:Ur. Block 20
    (overflow: Block 21)

However it’s more important that you make sure you know where the people who you intend to play with are headed. Remember characters are bound to a ship and you only get to make one character for free. You can change between blocks freely.


If you signed up for any previous tests, you automatically qualify for entry into the Open Beta. If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so with this guide here. Despite being labelled for an older test, it will work just fine still.

Character Creation

Remember that characters created with the character creation tool will work with the upcoming test. You’re running out of time to make any free adjustments (well short of re-rolling I suppose). If you’re unaware this tool even existed, you can grab it here, as well as a translation patch for it here.

Some more reminders:

  • The client will update to OBT through to release, so don’t uninstall anything!
  • There is as of yet, no announced date for release.
  • The player cap is 30 during the OBT, but will be raised to 40 on release.
  • As character data won’t be wiped, the OBT is more like a soft release of the game.
  • The cash-shop will NOT be available during the OBT.
  • You will be able to access My Room and My Shop features for free during the open beta.
  • Available areas will be:
    • Naberius – Forest
    • Amduscia – Volcano Cave
    • Lilipa – Desert
      • Possibility of new enemies?
    • Arks Ship – Urban (Emergency Quest)
  • You can access Hard Mode versions of the above after reaching lv20 and completing a certain Client Order. Details when they’re known.
  • The Naberius – Frozen Tundra area won’t be added until release.
  • There is no need to do Matter Board quests to unlock Client Orders!
  • You can acquire a Mag from lv5. You can find a guide here.
  • Mags will reach their 2nd stage of evolution at lv30 instead of lv50.
  • You can now select “Virtual Full-Screen” as a display mode.
  • The planned video capture feature has been dropped.

To help understand various aspects of the game I’ve started putting together a selection of guides in the new manual section of the site. I will be expanding on it after launch and into the future as new things arrive.

Towards The Future

Basically a guessing game as to when PSO2 is going to be out. The test could be a week long, could be two weeks long, the actual release may be a while after the OBT ends, who the heck knows. It might well be announced on the day the test begins or a scrolling message in-game in a few days.

Unreleased Enemies

We know from the 2nd presentation at the 2nd Media Briefing (as well as through datamining) that there are more enemies to come. Shougai points a few out in this blog entry here. One of the unreleased enemies is the Tranmizer (pictured below), which is a miniboss that’s was revealed during the presentation. Also among the images are enemies that resemble Sinow Beats and Canadines (enemies from PSO). There is no information yet on an enemy only known as “Big Barda”.

Of course, they all seem to be in an as-of-yet unannounced area of Lilipa, which means we may not see any of these enemies. It’s not impossible, either, as after all the special desert mission in the pre-OBT may not have had every enemy you can encounter there.

@phantasystar’s Tweets

You may have noticed the @phantasystar twitter getting all cryptic lately, while posting screenshots from classic Phantasy Star, as well as more recently a screenshot of PSO. Some are speculating that they’re hyping up for a western PSO2 announcement but I would advise cautious optimism at best. Now before, I would have said that because they’ve only shown screenshots of the classic series that they might have been gearing up for some classic re-release instead (or re-re-release I suppose?), but this was before they posted the screenshot of PSO. Because of that, I think now there is a chance that maybe they’re going through the history of Phantasy Star to lead up to an eventual PSO2 announcement, maybe. If so, the next game they could post screenshots of could be PSO Episode 3, or they may count that as part of PSO and skip to PSU. That’s if the “going through the history” idea is accurate, if it isn’t then who knows. I will say that if there is going to be a localised version of the game, I think the best case scenario from a personal standpoint would be for it to share the same servers as the Japanese ( but obviously using a translated client).

Skill Trees

On a final ponder, the Force talent tree seems to be missing some talents. There are attunement-type talents for 3 elements; fire, ice and lightning, but there are no such talents for the remaining three. I would say it’s because Techs for these elements aren’t out yet, but we do have light-element techs. Perhaps they’re being saved for the first talent-tree expansion, which should coincide with new weapon types being released for Hunters (and their respective gear talents). Not sure what Ranger would be getting in said expansion however. In some ways I’m more surprised that the Force skill tree doesn’t have any support talents, yet both Hunter and Ranger do. This is strange given that Force is also the only class with any heals and dispels.Those are light-techs I guess, so I wonder if that will change if/when Forces get new elemental attunements. I also rather hope that if there are such Skill Tree changes on the way that free skill reset tickets are involved somewhere…

Also,Concept Art

10 thoughts on “Lead Up To The Open Beta”

  1. anyone hear the rumor that beta testers will have access to creating teams and be able to choose thier team names before others when the game is fully released? i had heard it from a couple people and im looking forward to creating a team when the game goes live.

  2. so my fiance had to wait til after work to create a character and now she cant create one on ship 2… any news on why and if she will be able to soon?

    1. Yeah Sega locked down character creation on a number of ships due to an overwhelming number of players. However, good news is your fiance should be able to get on to ship 2 if she tries in about 1 hour. They’re currently in maint and one of the things they’re doing is raising the cap on the number of characters allowed per ship

  3. @young howard go to http://pso2.jp/players/download/ and lcick the big blue button with the hunewearl and humar on the button. download and installation took me about an hour and the patching took me about 2 hours may be more or less depending on your computer/internet speed my internet speed is a decent 25mbps

    1. My patcher doesn’t want to patch.. Nothing happens. I tried about 6 hours ago and nothing happened. I hope it’ll be fine after the maintenance. Anyone else with the same problem as me ?

      1. sega stated in thier emails that patch servers would have a high load count after launch that it was best to do it before obt started. could be queued up or it could be a glitch id check the forums.

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