Early Days of the Open Beta III: Lagless Edition?

Sadly, since the start of the test almost every day has seen a maintenance period as Sega continued to wrestle with the lag issue. However, for the last two days the servers seem to have been coping an awful lot better, with me personally not experiencing any lag (and I gather it’s not just me). Amusingly, Ship 2 Block 20 (the main importer location) crashed last night, but there were otherwise no major problems that I heard of. There wasn’t even a maintenance last night but this doesn’t mean the problem is fixed, as Sakai explains in his post here. The problem appears to be being caused by the sheer number of requests being sent to the database server. As such, an extended maintenance period has been scheduled to take place on the 28th of June that will last 27 hours in order to make some adjustments to it.

Scheduled Maintenance:

  • JST: 28th June 11:00am  – 29th June 2:00pm
  • BST (UK): 28th June 3:00am  – 29th June 6:00am
  • CDT 27th June 9:00pm – 29th June 0:00am

You’ll live.

Other information in that official blog post seems to include that the number of simultaneous connections is almost double the size of the pre-OBT. The pre-OBT had a peak of just over 41,000, just for perspective.

Meanwhile over at 4gamer are a selection of 3 videos, each essentially a demonstration of the classes.

Story Time

PSO2 has a story, at least I think it does. I guess it must do because a PSOW member named Kion has taken on the task of translating it here. Check it out if you want an idea of what’s going on in your character’s world at this point in time. Naturally, spoilers.

Adam Jensen’s Weapon Training

Credit goes to Mewn for this one. Adam Jensen, er sorry, Joseph gives you Client Orders that involve you carrying out a task with a specific weapon. So for example you will have

  • Partisan Training I
  • Partisan Training II
  • Partisan Training III
  • Etc, for each weapon type your current class can use.

You unlock further Client Orders in the chain by completing the previous ones.

I wont be telling you how to do them in detail in this post, but I will say to be aware of the 4th Client Order he gives for each weapon category. He wants you to use the basic weapon for the entirety of the hard-mode Nab-Rappy arrest mission (4th Forest quest). It states so in the yellow text which explains the mission’s conditions. It won’t count if you use any other weapon. Also be aware that switching a weapon during the run may cause it to fail.

See? I have the knack.

Seeing as the game is (pretty much) out now I think some useful tidbits regarding playing the game itself wouldn’t go amiss here. Towards the future then, I’ll be sharing whatever good advice I come across.

You can actually raise other classes without ever entering a mission as one. Simply complete Client Orders as your main class and then switch to a different class when you go to hand it in. The EXP reward will go to the currently active class. I probably wouldn’t go using up any one-time Client Orders for this trick, but you may as well with repeatable dailies, particularly if you’re capped.

Beware, however, that a Client Order’s reward is scaled to your current level. So that Client Order that gives 10,000 exp will only give 700 if you switch to lv1 Force.

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