New Client Orders

The game is out, but there are two Client Orders you will need to do to unlock things. Both Client Orders are given to you by Kofi/Koffee.

Tundra Unlock

You’ll need to complete the last Desert mission (the one that ends with drills) on hard mode with an S-rank within 22 minutes. You need to be at least lv25 to complete this order

Note: The first Tundra mission itself requires lv30 and is only available in hard mode. There is no normal mode Tundra.

Level Cap Increase

You need to collect 90 objects that drop from monsters on Lilipa, Naberius and Amduscia (for a total of 270 objects, eep). They only drop from enemies between lv21 and 40. This will increase your level cap to 40.

6 thoughts on “New Client Orders”

  1. wow i noticed that block 20-22 is level 20-30 only, is there going to be a change for where the importers meet?

      1. Yeah only just saw this.. I’ve no idea what it’s gonna mean for importers yet.

    1. ok i just found out its not a required level but a recommended level, but till having that on the importer blocks could very well cause some issues. i still think we should have chosen a less populated ship to play on :/ but its all good cause eventually things will settle down a lil and most importers dont play during peak japanese times anyways

  2. so…. i was reading in the forums. seems to me like everyone is being impatient again….. “OMG FIRST DAY SUCKS LETS CHANGE SHIPS” is what im hearing ever where… and that being said. ITS THE FIRST DAY GET OVER IT! quit being impatient and wait. the traffic will calm down eventually and the only problems were this morning when all japanese players that didnt get to do the beta finally got to play. so of course its going to be packed. to judge the server on the first day of an mmo is ridiculous. all mmos have server issues on thier first day and i quite honestly think you will regret deleting your character if you move ships for 2 reasons.
    1 it was the first day and not everyone will be playing all dayh every day like they did today
    2 sega will most likely improve the servers like they did in the beta if it does continue.
    all i have to say about this is its a load of crap calm down drink a 40 and wait it out. judging based on the first day of launch is stupid. hell most mmo servers dont even work on the first day and i personally didnt have a problem at all logging on when all blocks were full on top of everyone else i know saying it took them less than 15 minutes to get in. seriously if you move and the server calms down or is improved i will laugh at you.

  3. k answer is here quit freaking out and read the news

    For Ship01 ~ Ship05 congestion in peak time NEW

    We use our “Phantasy Star Online 2”, and thank you.

    Currently, Niokimashite Ship01 ~ Ship05 of peak time, mainly due to congestion, the following phenomenon has occurred.

    Can not connect to the ship
    Can not move the block
    Not return to the lobby from my room

    To everyone the inconvenience, but very, in this case, please try again from your time apart.
    If you are creating a character to another ship, it is recommended to play with another ship.

    Regarding measures for congestion will be the currently under consideration.

    In Ship01 ~ Ship05 because many characters have been created over the number of possible simultaneous connections
    The above phenomenon has occurred.
    If you are creating a character in the future Ship01 ~ Ship05 For this reason, in the peak time
    There is likely to occur to continue the above symptoms.

    How to start a new play now, how to create a character to be created to Ship06 ~ Ship10
    I will recommend.

    In addition, the premium block of each ship and is relatively generous state.
    Order to log in to many people in one person, people who have purchased the premium set,
    Thank you for your cooperation to play with the block premium as much as possible.
    Regarding the number of blocks of 15 blocks in the current premium, making it look at the situation will be adjusted in the future.

    We apologize to everyone is that the very apologize for any inconvenience.

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