Where Is PSO2 Going

Well at this current moment in time it isn’t going anywhere. Recently however the first long-term schedule for the game was posted up on the official site and then promptly translated by Ricardo at Bumped here.

This post will be mostly sharing my thoughts on upcoming content.

July Update

Naturally the most exciting thing is a boss by the name of Big Varder (known as Big Barder), a BATTLESHIP that transforms when you hop onto its deck. I mean, look at that thing, just look at it. It has stairs.

Looking forward to seeing how this boss pans out, the scale alone looks fantastic.  Mind, I wonder if it will spawn randomly in areas like other bosses do? Given the apparent size of the thing I’m not certain it’d be able to, particularly as the area it would spawn in (Subterranean Tunnels, or Mines) doesn’t appear to have wide open areas for it. To be fair, we’ve not been shown an awful lot of it yet.


The particular bullet point I’m referring to is:

Mid Scale Update: Soaring Crystal Dragon

Going by the name and the fact at by then Amduscia would be the only planet without a 2nd area I’m going to guess this is “Dragonland”.

Dragonland is an internal name in the client, referring to an unreleased area of the game. Suspicions are strong that this will turn out to be set on the floating islands on Amduscia. There are, as of yet, no images of this upcoming area. You can see the islands from the Camp Ship, however.

Incidentally, this update will require a more substantial patch than other updates so far,  as it will be adding content that is not yet present in the client.

The summer update is also set to add a new costume, the “Summer Yukata”, pictured below.

Level Cap Raised to 50

The level cap won’t be raised until some time in Autumn. Note that two areas will have been added before this, meaning there’s a fair amount of 30-40 content to come. Incidentally, as predicted, Very Hard could well begin at lv40. I imagine this difficulty level will cover lv40-80 if they go by PSO’s standards, with Ultimate unlocking at lv80. More difficulty levels have been spotted in the client beyond the 4th, however….

Towards the Distant Future

Beyond that, new enemies, bosses and fields, the things you’d somewhat expect. “Gigantic boss” is mentioned in the list, which is something I believe Sakai said they were going to implement for Multi-Party areas (bottom of this post). Could this be the beginning of PSO2 raiding? Probably not, but I am eager to see what it’ll turn out to be.

[Sources: Bumped, 4gamer, PSO2 Uploader]

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