Next Week: Subterranean Tunnels!

Sega put up the next update page, complete with:

  • Screenshots of the new field known as Subterranean Tunnels
  • Screenshots of new enemies
  • A page talking about the new interrupt events (including one where you need to protect the small fluffy guys of Lillipa, “Lilliputian Protection”. Also says there’ll be new Client Orders.
  • A page showing off the new costumes to be added to the Arks Scratch

The site also included a trailer, enjoy!

This update will be hitting the servers on the 18th of July.

A reminder that this update will not be raising the cap (nor will the next update for that matter).

The new area looks alright, but Big Varder (the warship boss at the end) looks downright crazy. Suddenly, PSO2 has an air of bullet hell about it. The video also really gives you a sense of scale of the boss itself. Mind, now we see it in action I do wonder if the top portion of the ship, or the more humanoid part, will actually be the part that can randomly spawn in the free field map? The one thing I’m somewhat surprised by is there’s no new story chapters with this new field.

4 thoughts on “Next Week: Subterranean Tunnels!”

  1. i have a reason for you,and its also the reason i will choose to stay on japanese servers. most people are too impatient to wait a year for a release. so in the past people import the game (not pso2) maybe japanese versions of sonic, psp2, any other game that has taken well over a year to localize here. thier impatience shows up as japanese sells, and when they never buy the localized version and sega sees no sales here in the us or other japanese foreign counties they think there is no money to be made. wich they are right why localize it if everyone is just going to import the japanese version. thus it may not be entirely the consumers fault but it is a big facter and they are partly responsible. i quite honestly am against it but i guess i will have to go with the flow because im not going to spend money on a game that may ver well be shut down in 5 years so i think me and alot of other people are going to stay on the japanese servers for that very reason. you may be impatient and want to play a game now and i know sega takes a long time to translate games. but in the long run it hurts our sales and makes our region look like its not interested in games they make. so i dont blame them for not having the same consideration for us as they do japanese player bases. i am sorry to have to start importing i didnt want to but with this game i want to play on servers that will last. not be shut down because half the people already play on the japanese serves. i really think seperate servers is a big mistake.

  2. do you think that when the western release is in effect they will place an ip block on foreign players? if so i know there are workarounds on hiding your ip address and or masking it. but quite honestly the way soa said if you dont like the content delay dont play it sounds like they dont care about us on top of maybe banning/blocking/deleting foreign sega ids on japanese servers… uggh id rather stay on the japanese server where i know my data will be safe from server shut down if it fails over here D:

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