Hacker Moves A Couple Of NPCs About, People Flip The Fuck Out

Yes, hackers happened. In an online game of all things, simply unheard of and completely unique to Phantasy Star.

Sega has noticed and has responded. Accounts have been banned and an emergency maintenance is on the way. They also stated that personal and account information was uncompromised.

A special maintenance to address the problem is scheduled at:

  • July 13th, 1:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM JST
  • July 13th, 5:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM BST (UK)

This post isn’t going to concern itself with the details of the hack, more on the reactions of people, ranging from reasonable to hysterical.

If this was possible, what else is possible?

That remains to be seen, clearly. What I can say for now is the hackers can’t do anything beyond slightly inconvenience you by moving some NPCs around. Everything on your account and which belongs to your character is safe for now, however I would advise against AFKing in lobbies as hackers can move your character around. This could result in you being wrongly accused of hacking, so be wary.


No, they didn’t.

Will Japanese players hate me for being foreign now? ;_;

If they hate you now they were probably going to hate you anyway.

SEGA’s gonna IP Block all foreigners!

No. They won’t. Not if they’re the Sega I’m at all familiar with. Yes, I am aware that foreigners are breaking the Terms of Service by playing at all but this same rule has been in place since at least PSU. It’s not like a vocal minority of Japanese players with an anti-foreigner stance didn’t exist then, either, because they certainly did. There were even public lists of foreign players maintained. There were also hackers back then. Nothing came of it then, nothing will come of it now.

One thing to remember is that by this time in PSU’s launch there were things like room hacking, Partner Machine bombing, talking through other players and let’s not forget “Haxeta”. These are all things that are genuinely harmful to the game as a whole. What’s going on in PSO2 at the minute really isn’t. I will say though that I hope Sega fixes the exploit at the cause, rather than just patching over the symptom.

5 thoughts on “Hacker Moves A Couple Of NPCs About, People Flip The Fuck Out”

  1. yes certain individuals who happened to be holding a completly different conversation in the same block as those hackers seemed to get tied in with it and banned as well. this is rediculous that sega would ban people not related to that hack just because of comments about the servers……

  2. well my fiances name has been cleared and removed from various articles from different various websites. i really appreciate you not going into details prematurely here before hearing the entire story. took may posts of an entire chat log of that night. of course people would be talking about the servers that day because it had just recently been announced that there will be foreign servers.

  3. This article is so fucking ignorant I just had to post… Players have every reason to “flip the fuck out”. They’re not only moving NPCs they are moving PLAYERS as well, reporting them to Sega as hackers and getting them BANNED. I have two friends banned now because of these fucking losers and I have myself apparently been put outside the ship so I may possibly be banned soon as well. The person playing as the character will not see themselves outside and everything will seem normal. Everyone else will see you standing outside.

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