This August will see the 2nd field of Amduscia which now has the tentative name of “Floating Continent”. This will be added in the upcoming “Soaring Crystal Dragon” update. Up until now all we had was a colour edited bit of concept art (the first one of the three here) but today’s Famitsu magazine included some actual screenshots of the area. This post is largely speculation, but some more concrete info should be on its way soon enough.

I would say I expected the sections of land to be bigger somehow, the floating islands look very fragmented so far. No, I don’t expect they’re going to let your avatars fall to their deaths, so I imagine all holes will have the invisible walls you’re used to seeing, er not seeing, whatever. Jumping between small islands will probably involve those jump pads you saw in the Iceberg fields on Naberius.


It’s easier if I cut out the images and talk about them, so that’s what I’m going to do. These are cut from the scan so they’re tiny, but until better screenshots come out they’ll do.

These appear to Fordrans, the large two-horned lizards from the Volcano Cave that only ever spawn when you don’t have any Client Orders or other things that require them. It’s hard to tell at that resolution whether or not they’re just regular Fordrans or re-skinned ones.

Windilla, which seem to resemble small drakes at this resolution. Reminds me a bit of Shagreece, a native creature of Parum in Phantasy Star Universe. I’m sure they’ll be just as annoying to melee..

Baridoran,  a small crocodilian like thing.

Image from Shougai PSO.

The Quartz Dragon, which is set to be the boss of the new area and the 4th boss in PSO2. This particular one has Ice Crystal Dragon as its name prefix, which may suggest what abilities this dragon has.

There are no pictures that include Darkers, but I’m sure they’re going to be turning up in the area in some form. In particular I expect to see the lovingly named “Floatage Fish” and perhaps this is where Wolgahda will make an appearance. I’m sure more is to be revealed about the area soon.

There’s also a distinct lack of Dinians in the screenshots so far. I wonder if the floating islands have Dinian populations on them and if so whether they’re different from their cousins on the surface.

New Story Quests

Looks like the update will be coming with 2 more story quests. Chapter 5 appears to take place within Lilipa’s Mines and Chapter 6 somewhat unsurprisingly takes us to Amduscia’s Floating Continent.

This next bit is spoilered, highlight the text to read it. Do not read if you haven’t done Chapter 4 and care about spoilers.

There’s a good chance that Chapter 6 will involve you battling a named Quartz Dragon that is a part of the Dragon Tribe’s mythology: the hell dragon Kashina. The talking Dinian in Chapter 4 mentions his name, which is then briefly explained by Aki. You can find the dialogue in question in this link here:[Beware, spoilers!].

Of course, that could turn out to be wrong or at least not immediately relevant.

Other Things

August will also see the end of the Happy Wedding Gacha and the introduction of a new Scratch, which will include the costumes on the below scan:

The 2nd costume on the bottom there is the same costume worn by Melfonshina, Gettemhalt’s pet loli in the story. Yet another outfit that looks better with the armored underwear (of course I can’t imagine I could say that about the bikini)..

Oh yeah there was also something about a Hatsune Miku game getting a PSO2 crossover but no one gives a shit about Miku.

[Sources: Shougai PSO, Famitsu, PSBlog, PSO2 Uploader, Manta Oyamada, Bumped, Mewn for translations]

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