Dragonland: Coming 8th of August

The 1st of August will see the addition of naked people, palm trees in the lobbies and birds in tubes. Fang Banther will also be added in this update and looks to be as annoying to fight as his snowy cousin is.

The 8th of August will see the addition of the new field revealed by Famitsu yesterday, Amduscia’s Floating Continent. Amusingly the name myself and others have been calling it in IRC, “Dragonland”, has become its official alias. I wonder if that’s our fault or whether the devs were also amused by that name? Dragonland was what the area was referred to internally by the client, found through datamining.

The official site put the update page up, with higher quality screenshots and a trailer on Youtube which I’ve embedded below.

Some bits to say:

  • You will need to be lv35 to access the first Floating Continent missions.
  • Dinians are on the islands after all. Like the other Dragonkin on the islands, they are reskinned.
  • One of the reskinned Dinians is named “Set Sadinian”.
  • Most of the native enemies on the islands are weak against Dark element attacks. There will however be no dark techs released with this update
  • Fish-type Darkers, such as Gawonda, also populate the islands. A new fish-type Darker named “Dahgash” will be introduced. Sadly its internal name, “FloatageFish”, is not an official alias.
  • MW will be added to the Shopping Lobby, next to the makeover counter.

The Universe is Ending!

Phantasy Star Universe is coming to a complete end with the closure of the Japanese servers on the 27th of September. Official post here. Translated details of what’s left for the servers by Espiokaos can be found here.

The reason I mention this at all is because those of you who played Phantasy Star Universe on the Japanese servers will be able to convert any leftover Guardians Cash into Arks Cash. Details as to how you can do this have yet to be revealed, but the alternative appears to be to have any remaining Guardians Cash refunded into Webmoney.

New Concept Art

To finish this post, have some concept art of the new costumes being added on the 1st of August.

Haze Sorcerer
Candy Crown
Illusion Set
Magus Series

[Sources: Official Site, Official Blog, Bumped and Mewn for translations]

8 thoughts on “Dragonland: Coming 8th of August”

  1. is the magus series for male or female? it looks male but it also seems to have high heels……… pretty odd looking feet to me for a male outfit lol. i do like the chest and arms though. i may end up only using the chest though.

      1. yeah looks male to me too…. but i dont know alot of the females i see either have really big boobs or no boobs at all lol. just odd how it looks like high heels lmao. definatly gonna use the chest. i kind of like the arms from the last release a lil better. just depends on how they look with my body proportion i may end up liking them. kinda dont like the huge coat tail looking things on the chest but i think how good the chest overall looks that it makes up for it :P

  2. can someboy please help me out? my fiance keeps getting the error coded 606. it says unabe to authenticate sega id and or password. we do not have an authenticator on her account. i think her account info was stolen somehow but we cleared that all up we changed her password and scanned her pc (turns out there was a keylogger we had to power erase…. on top of that after all of that we still get error 606 on her account i have no idea what it actually means…. dont get an email aout anything. and when sega replied to us they asked for more info i sent them more info een about 4 days havent heard back from them a second time yet… any suggestions? anyone ese have this problem?

    1. I’ve asked about.. Error 606 is “ID Authentication Error” Full text:
      Translates roughly to “ID authentication error, please contact your service company. ”

      The banned messages seem to be in the 800s, not the 600s, so I’m not entirely convinced that this is a type of ban. Sorry it doesn’t help much with your situation
      (good luck with that!) but just posting that to dispel certainty that it was a ban.

      1. oh i do know its not a ban, because sega would not have contacted me a second time wanting more info and i looked up the ban codes. the thing is after i sent them more infothey have not replied back to me yet. anyone know somebody that can help me properly translate english to japanese? the first time i did a good job of translating then retranslating and changing various parts of the message to make it actually make sense. but on the other hand i was having trouble with doing that the second time around and they may not have fully understood me. any hep at all would be appreciated. as my fiancee has a couple of the dresses on her account that i believe are going to be discontinued if i heard correctly and wil be very expensive now. i really hope i can get this solved.

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