Unofficial English Patch Out

The unofficial English patch has now been made public. Follow the installation instructions in that thread.


The use of the patch is against the terms of service you agree to every time you log in to PSO2. While it’s not likely you will be banned for using the patch, there is always  that danger Use the patch at your own risk.

Don’t use the following chat commands: <target>, <class>, <pa>, <technic> and <area>. If you do, it will broadcast the translated message, as these are actually client-side commands. This would reveal that you are using a patched client.

Only download the patch from the OP in this thread. Never download it from anywhere else. This isn’t to promote that site, it’s because other places could add malicious stuff into the patch.

As PSO2 updates, the patch will also need to be updated. As such, make sure you have the latest version of the patch and that the patch itself is up to date before you try to install it. Failure to do this could cause problems with your client.

Credits go to all those involved in the creation of the patch. Great work, everyone.

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