Part 2 of Soaring Crystal Dragon

Sorry for the lack of an update, but my main PC is having problems. This blog is not a place to go into detail about that kind of thing, but suffice to say I won’t be able to post everything I wish to as the materials are on another machine.

Arrival of the Floating Continent

Usual pattern for a new field, you will need to complete the Free Field Tunnels mission within the time limit while also scoring an S-rank. It’s a little different now, however! This update saw the time requirements for Koffie’s area unlock missions relaxed quite a bit. Perhaps a little too much, even, but it’s nice they did something about them still.

The new field is again the usual pattern. 3 missions unlocked one after the other with the 3rd ending with a miniboss. In this case the miniboss is a re-skinned Caterdran named Caterdran’sa. It is absolutely no different to its cousin on the surface in terms of AI, disappointingly.

Unlocking the Free Field is also the same, requiring you to S-rank the 2nd and 3rd missions within time limits as well as finding 2 area data items.

The field itself is not quite what I expected, it’s a lot nicer than I thought it’d be for one thing. It has an under-ocean theme about it, despite it taking place in the sky. The 2nd area of the field isn’t quite what I predicted though. I wondered if it would look somewhat like the arena that the Quartz Dragon resides in but instead it’s just the first area but an almost eye-searing shade of green.

The reskinned enemies, like the miniboss, are no different to their cousins on the volcanic surface. Yes, Windilla are just as annoying to melee as I dreaded them to be. The Quartz Dragon itself is nothing like the Vol Dragon, despite clearly being a remodel of it. It’s an utterly different fight. To summarise it it’s a bit like fighting the Banthers crossed with a Tranmizer. It does a lot of very fast movements, zipping about the arena as well as firing barrages of homing missiles. Unlike the Banther though, Quartz Dragon’s attacks have plentiful tells and it’s quite easy to dodge most of them. Arguably its most deadly attack is the lightning it casts around itself. This lightning inflicts Panic (suggesting it is in fact a light-element attack instead of a lightning one as you may expect), which impairs your control over your character. The attack itself also deals a pretty nasty amount of damage. This is deadly as it leaves players with a horrible choice: try to heal the effect with a Sol Atomiser leaving them open for an attack, or let the effect wear off which also leaves them open for an attack. The Panic effect lasts for a very long time as well (about 30 seconds I believe).

Nice new area overall, despite being riddled with lazy reskins.

Terms of Service Change

I already sort of addressed this on Twitter, but the terms of service were changed recently to re-add a clause they’d taken out since the open beta. Namely, a clause that prohibits foreigners from playing the game. This is the same clause that was in effect during the entirety of PSU JP’s existence and nothing was ever done about foreigners then, so panicking about an IP ban was a waste of effort.

However, Sakai did recently directly address this change, presumably due to a somewhat negative reaction from foreigners and Japanese players alike on Twitter. Essentially the change was to make it easier to deal with malicious players, most of which appear to be foreign according to him. He also stated that he appreciates the foreign support that the game has been getting and that there are plenty of decent players who have made progress in the game that he wouldn’t want affected by a blanket ban. However, if foreign hackers continue he may have to take drastic action.

Personally, I think this is the completely wrong type of response to make. It feels more like he’s just validated cheaters and given them a chance of a lasting impact to whatever action they decide to take now. This is again apparently in lieu of actually doing anything to fix the underlying security problems.

Of course, by “drastic action” people presume it means an IP ban and understandably so. It certainly is something I would consider a “drastic action” at least. Ultimately what this implies though is that the actions of a select few people with hugely over-inflated senses of self-importance could ruin this entire thing for everyone.

It could of course also be a blind threat and nothing at all will happen. But the worst happening would waste the efforts of dedicated fans who made and are making accessing and enjoying their product easier for people to do, all because of the actions of an extremely selfish few.

Related to this, Sega of Japan will apparently no longer be accepting payments by foreign Credit Card in order to combat malicious users. No idea how that’s supposed to do that, so I’m a bit perplexed by this decision.

On the positive side of things, it’s nice that he appreciates the support of foreign players and does seem to recognise that most of us are decent folk.

Towards The Future

New classes are on their way, but the actual subclass system won’t be until later on. I still am pretty certain that the new classes will be Fighter, Gunner and Techer. In order to access them, you will need to be at least lv30 in certain classes. I presume this means something like, to play as a Gunner you will need to be at least a lv30 Ranger first.

Switching to a new class will bring your level down to 1, as remember in PSO2 your actual level is your class level.

With the new classes will come new weapon types:

  • Twin Daggers
  • Double Sabers
  • Knuckles
  • Twin Machineguns
  • Wands

Presumably these weapon types will be doled out to the new classes, but it’s not yet confirmed how exactly they will be. Sakai did say before that the developers were considering allowing multiple classes to equip certain weapon types after all. In any case it would be pretty unfair for melee classes to gain 3 types when the others only gain one, especially as melee already has the widest selection as it is.

There is also the question of new Technics. Presumably, the Techer class will have trees that specialise in the three elements that Force doesn’t cover (wind, light and dark), so I wonder if new techs for each tree will be released as well? Would hope so, as it would be weird if there was a tree that specialised in an unreleased element. Given that the new weapons types will all come with Photon Arts though I think this scenario is unlikely.

Other things heading our way:

  • Ship Transfers – Finally.
  • Team Feature Expansion – There will be team-specific content headed our way at some point. Including Client Orders through which you an acquire points for your team. You can spend the points on features, such as team rooms. Sounds good to me!

New classes and weapons will be heading our way in September. There is still one more update left for August, however, including 2 new story missions.

2 thoughts on “Part 2 of Soaring Crystal Dragon”

  1. ok so if the worste case scenario is true and they ip ban all foreigners…. how is that stopping the hackers? faking an ip adress is one of the easiest things to do as far as hacking goes. looks like we all need to learn how to fake our ips just in case. rofl….. anyways i am a little bit dissapointed that ranger and force only get one new weapon type…. seeing as ranger and force only have 2 weapon types…. and i say ranger only has 2 because in my opinion gunslash is not a ranger weapon. in every way it acts like a hu weapon that shoots bullets. and in some cases i dont even think its equip is based off ranged stat. so thats what hunter 7 weapon types ranger 3 weapon types and force 3 weapon types….. they better be breaking out a good number and variety of rare weapons for ranger and force otherwise forces and rangers may start complaining about the monotony of using the same weapon type over and over. i on the other hand launchers and dual handguns have been my favorite weapon types since psp2. and pso was spread needle and snow queen. so im fine with shooting em up with the launcher.

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