PSO2 @ PAX Prime

The western version of PSO2 is among a number of games that will be playable at Sega’s booths at this year’s PAX Prime.

Sega’s games will be available at booths 242 and 252 from the 31st August to the 2nd of September. You can see more of Sega’s lineup on SoA’s official blog here. PAX Prime’s website is here. You can also find an announcement of the news by Edward at Sega’s official forums here.

Not a lot to say other than it’s nice to see them trying to promote the game. People are understandably concerned that the screen shot released by Edward is of the lobby from the alpha test. Clearly not a direct indication of the launch content of the game, but it is troublesome. Remember the localised version of the game will be released around 8 months after the Japanese launch. If it releases with the same content that the Japanese version had just over a month ago there is practically no hope of them closing the content gap, which is a major concern for the fanbase.

3 thoughts on “PSO2 @ PAX Prime”

  1. One request, SEGA: please *increase* the difficulty for the Western debut–I love the game but I don’t so much love walking all over it.

    (If that means creating a very hard mode where you merely jack up enemy damage and do nothing for their AI, that’s fine–I can live with that.)

  2. very hard and ultimate are more than likely in the works… all other paso games had them wether it be called ultimate in pso or rank s in psu and psp2 it will get harder trust me… alot harder….

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