Incoming Bugfixes 15th August

A few bug-fixes are scheduled for the regular maintenance on the 15th August.

Things to be adjusted:

  • The item drop-rate in the new Floating Continent field. It is currently too low.
  • The encounter rate of certain enemies required for Client Orders.
  • A glitch with tornadoes in the new Floating Continent field
  • A glitch where the Quartz Dragon would be invisible when encountered randomly.
  • A glitch where the “Funji” (Code: Rescue) event fail to spawn correctly, causing the warning message to occur multiple times
  • Since the 8th of August, the NPC named Aki has vanished from the lobby. This made quest progression impossible for players. This will be fixed.

It appears that anyone who played through the Floating Continent quests at least once will be entitled to some form of compensation as an apology. No details yet.

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